Junny unveiled latest collection - Dusk to Dawn

Junny, New Collection, Dust to Dawn

JUNNY®   The award-winning, critically acclaimed Jamaican Harlem American Designer returns to New York Fashion Week with another short film and presentation.

The brand's latest collection explores the human mind, acknowledging its dark side - somber, brooding, moody - yet celebrating the human potential.

NEW YORK (February 14, 2023) — JUNNY® has unveiled its latest collection — Dusk to Dawn — digitally across NYFW.com, its partner channels and CFDA Runway360

Filmed on location at Bric Arts in Brooklyn, the digital and look book showcases different ethnicities, each model embodying the American migration experience. The very personal and cerebral Dusk to Dawn collection features 4 dresses, luxe fabrics, playful, elegant & liberating. Viewers will note the designer's obsessions with the various shapes of the nightdress, stemming from fond memories of her Mama in her night dress.

Dress 1- Black silk sheer windowpane - The poem written by the Designer, “Dusk to Dawn” toys with dualism; the concept of darkness and light, stillness, and movement. The sheer silk windowpane fabric, a nod to the designers’ morning ritual, looking out her window, emerging from her darkness, slowly, into the light of a new day. In her kitchen window, a sheer white pane, the window is not quite clean, a little dirty, like the morning sun, as it slowly emerges from the clouds, into beautiful blinding light. The sheer panel embodies the beauty of the model, her ability to own her body, her voice, embrace darkness and light.

Dress 2 - A nod to the Designers, Jamaican, West Indian, Afro Caribbean, Indian, European cultural influences. Her love for plaids, check, madras; all the colors of “Dusk to Dawn” an exaggerated sleeve, a freedom of movement is embodied by the dress and the wearer.

Dress 3 - Dye-effects on grey silk charmeuse; the 1st of a collaboration with Nigerian multimedia artist and textile designer – Oluwaseyi Awoyomi (Shayee) gray silk charmeuse is dyed to show the cycle of “Dusk to Dawn;” out of the darkness, emerges the brightest light.

Adire is a Yoruba tie-dyeing technique from southwestern Nigeria.  To accomplish the dusk to dawn themes for this design, parts of the fabric were folded, crinkled to create a free - form marbled pattern, pinched, and tied off with strings and rubber band to create a defined circular ring design.

Dress 4 - Worn by 3 different models, different ethnicities, the sequin dress, the triumph of light over darkness. Seen through the eyes of each model, it is the story of the American migration experience, the promise of a new dawn, a rebirth.

Each story is different, everyone’s perception of darkness and light is different. The 3 models are archetypes, part of a larger narrative suggesting or mirroring the designer’s own immigrant experience. 

Dance, poetry, lighting, and a collaboration with creatives across various disciplines come to life with this collection.

“The clothing in this collection represents the human mind, an exploration of the lived experience, darkness and light, and my own experience with Dusk to Dawn,” said Junny Ann Hibbert, the brand’s designer. “Our renewal of self and spirit lives in our ability to transcend the darkness and see the light."

“It is a privilege to have this platform,” Hibbert said. “And I am honored to be part of the movement helping to elevate the beauty and brilliance of Black design and culture on the global stage.” 

Dusk to Dawn®

The Collection is aptly titled, “Dusk to Dawn.” Dusk is seen as the absence of light, the closure of the day, the emergence of darkness suggesting our deepest fears and struggles, the long night, the movement towards dawn, a chance to escape the darkness, a new beginning, a new journey. Every day at dawn the story begins again.

Can a dress provoke, thoughts, feelings, emotions? We invite you to feel all the feel as you wear our dress and find the light within you!


About JUNNY® 

JUNNY® is inspired by her mother who was a seamstress, she created her own clothing from an early age. Her collections are thought provoking, genderless, creatively exuberant, and size-inclusive, drawing on the vibrancy of her Harlem and Jamaican cultural roots. JUNNY® leverages the language of fashion to explore how we create and preserve, with equal parts of joy and pain. Explore more at junny.nyc

Accolades- CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund ’22 semi-finalist, Visa She’s Next in Fashion ’22 winner, FGI Rising Star Finalist Women’s Wear ’22, CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Common Thread winner.

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