JUNNY® Multi Hyphenate / Textile / Fiber Artist / Designer

JUNNY®  (JUNNY Ann Hibbert)

JUNNY is a multi-hyphenate artist who works in textiles and fiber.  She is known for her fabric and foam heads, which she uses to explore themes of race, gender, and identity. Her work often incorporates repurposed textiles from her work as a fashion designer, as well as materials such as cowrie shells and beading.

JUNNY also writes poems and other written works that accompany her art, inviting her audience to journey with her through her exploration of various art forms, textile repurposing, and race, community, culture, and identity.

JUNNY is a 2023 James Weldon Johnson fellow. Her work can be viewed at JUNNY.NYC & Art Lives Here  https://www.artlivesherenyc.org/junny-hibbert

Additional details about JUNNY's work:

  • She often uses fabric and foam heads as a way to represent the different facets of her identity.
  • JUNNY's work often incorporates objects, such as cowrie shells and beads. These objects have symbolic meaning in many cultures, and represent a variety of different concepts, such as beauty, abundance, and protection.
  • JUNNY's work is often playful and humorous, but it also addresses serious topics such as racism and sexism. The artist believes that art can be a powerful tool for social change, and she hopes that her work will spark conversations about important issues.

Recent Works

She Has No Fear – June (2023)

Divine Feminine - June 2023

Journey - June 2023

Seen Yet Unseen - June 2023

un·fin·ished/ - September 2023

Hope - December 2023

hig·gler  (/ˈhiɡlər) - January 2024

Recent Public Exhibitions

James Weldon Johnson Art Fellowship Exhibition - Bard College at Simons Rock - July 2023

Individual Exhibition  - Fiber Artist/Designer in Residence (Harlem Needle Arts) August 2023

Group Exhibition - Kota Alliance - Face of Justice (October 2023) sponsored by Lower Manhattan Cultural Commission & Baillie Gifford

Kota Alliance - A Celebration of Life, A Celebration of Humanity (December 2023)

Upcoming Book Project -  Participating Artist- Art Lives Here Volume 1

Website: https://junny.nyc/ Social Media: @junny_nyc

My Vision: I believe that art is a powerful tool for social change. Through my work, I hope to spark conversations about important issues such as race, gender, and identity. I also hope to inspire others to use their creativity to make a difference in the world.