"The clothing in this collection represents the human mind, an exploration of the lived experience, darkness and light, and my own experience with Dusk to Dawn," said Junny Ann Hibbert, the brand's designer. "Our renewal of self and spirit lives in our ability to transcend the darkness and see the light."

"It is a privilege to have this platform," Hibbert continued. "And I am honoured to be part of the movement helping to elevate the beauty and brilliance of black design and culture on the global stage."

The collection is aptly titled "Dusk to Dawn." Dusk is seen as the absence of light, the closure of the day, the emergence of darkness suggesting our deepest fears and struggles, the long night, the movement towards dawn, a chance to escape the darkness, a new beginning, a new journey. Every day at dawn the story begins again.

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JUNNY® Fall 2023 has unveiled its latest collection at NYFW Online. The brand’s latest collection explores the human mind, acknowledging its dark side – somber, brooding, moody – yet celebrating the human potential.

JUNNY®   The award-winning, critically acclaimed Jamaican Harlem American Designer returns to New York Fashion Week with another short film and presentation. JUNNY® Fall 2023 has unveiled its latest collection — Dusk to Dawn — digitally across, its partner channels and CFDA Runway360

Filmed on location at Bric Arts in Brooklyn, the digital and look book showcases different ethnicities, each model embodying the American migration experience.

The very personal and cerebral Dusk to Dawn collection features 4 dresses, luxe fabrics, playful, elegant & liberating. View

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Lapointe, Saint Sintra, Junny, Nihl, and Bed on Water opt for digital release.

The shows and presentations will be also presented via Runway360, the Cfda's innovative digital platform developed to support American fashion designers throughout the year.
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I have spent the past several years pouring all the time, energy, and resources I could leverage into building my brand from the ground up. So many designers of color, especially those of us who are both Black and women, share this same story: doing what we must to keep our brands alive without a roadmap or funding safety net. The first half of 2022 has been challenging, but I have been able to sustain because of community. When words have seemed too inadequate, I have found a lifeline in creating. Every moment of weariness, panic, conviction, love, and connection has helped give life to my forthcoming collection. I am grateful for the unprecedented exposure that showing in the official New York Fashion Week schedule as part of the American Collections Calendar will once again give my growing brand. It is a privilege to have this platform, and I am committed to using it to tell stories about race, culture, and resolve. And I am honored to be part of the movement helping to elevate the beauty and brilliance of Black design and culture on the global stage. This season’s presentation will be a digital visualization of the human heart and mind. Through fashion, dance, and spoken word, the collection will explore the complexities of how we create and persevere, with equal parts of joy and pain. Viewers can expect to see unexpected pairings and wearable, seasonless pieces with warm neutrals and bold splashes of color. Some archival favorites will also be making a return. —Junny Ann Hibbert
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