Designer Junny Ann Hibbert debuted an incredible collection that was inspired by her Jamaican heritage. The bright colors and bold patterns made for some stunning pieces that stood out on the runway. Her use of traditional fabrics and modern silhouettes created an exciting blend of cultures and styles.

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"The clothing in this collection represents the human mind, an exploration of the lived experience, darkness and light, and my own experience with Dusk to Dawn," said Junny Ann Hibbert, the brand's designer. "Our renewal of self and spirit lives in our ability to transcend the darkness and see the light."

"It is a privilege to have this platform," Hibbert continued. "And I am honoured to be part of the movement helping to elevate the beauty and brilliance of black design and culture on the global stage."

The collection is aptly titled "Dusk to Dawn." Dusk is seen as the absence of light, the closure of the day, the emergence of darkness suggesting our deepest fears and struggles, the long night, the movement towards dawn, a chance to escape the darkness, a new beginning, a new journey. Every day at dawn the story begins again.

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