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Higgler © JUNNY 2023

Medium: Madras print, wool felt


noun: higgler; plural noun: higglers

  1. a person who travels around selling small items; a peddler.

Higgler: A Tribute to Resilience

My childhood memories, though faded with time, hold a vibrant image - Carnation Market in Kingston, Jamaica. Bustling with life, it was a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of the women who "higglered" there. 

This essay and madras sculpted head is a tribute to these women, their strength, and the lasting impact they had on my life.

Raised by a single mother in Kingston, summers meant escaping the city and visiting my grandmother in the countryside. We'd swim in the Plantain Garden River, cook in the open air, and ride back from the fields laden with fresh produce. 

Granny Agatha, with her bamboo and thatch kitchen, embodied a simpler life.

At summer’s end, back on in Kingston,  we would go to Carnation Market to pick up bundles from Granny, the market was, then, a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. Women in vibrant headscarves, money kept in their bust, sold an abundance of fruits - mangoes, guineps, starapples, and more. 

My mother, a source of threats, would  remind me that if i kept on misbehaving she would send me to the market to ‘higgler.” 

While memories may fade, the unwavering spirit of these women remains etched in my mind. Their determination and resourcefulness were a constant presence, a testament to the power of community and hard work.

This essay is dedicated to my grandmother, my mother, and the countless "higglers" of Carnation Market. You shaped my memories and instilled in me an appreciation for the resilience and the strength of women.

JUNNY®️ (c)

Artist Statement: This sculpture is part of a series of fabric and foam heads that I am creating that explore the themes of race, gender, and identity. I am interested in using these heads to represent the different facets of my own identity as a black woman. I am also interested in exploring the ways in which African textiles and symbols can be used to represent strength, power, and beauty.

Artist Bio: JUNNY®️ is a multi-hyphenate artist who works in textiles, fiber, and writing. She is known for her fabric and foam heads, which she uses to explore themes of race, gender, and identity. Her work often incorporates repurposed textiles from her work as a fashion designer, as well as materials such as cowrie shells, beading. JUNNY also writes poems and other written works that accompany her art, inviting her audience to journey with her through her exploration of various art forms, textile repurposing, and race, community, culture, and identity.

Copyright © JUNNY® 2023

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