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Hope © JUNNY 2023

Medium: Wool Felt, Upcycle Alpaca yarn, foam base, tiger cowrie shell, chinese jade silk.


Dichotomy of Light and Darkness

This sculpture, titled "Hope," delves into the powerful and enduring symbol of light and darkness, a concept that has resonated throughout history as a representation of the human experience. Light is often associated with hope, knowledge, and goodness, while darkness carries connotations of despair, ignorance, and evil.

In "Hope," I endeavor to capture the overwhelming feeling of being enveloped by darkness, the arduous struggle to perceive the light in the midst of pain, loneliness, and desperation. The world can present daunting challenges, filled with displacement and terror, making it difficult to maintain hope.

However, even in the face of profound darkness, I firmly believe that a glimmer of light always exists. This light represents hope, faith, and the indomitable spirit of humanity.

The sculpted head, meticulously crafted from repurposed alpaca yarn and Chinese Jade Silk, embodies this very duality. It serves as a potent reminder that even when we are surrounded by darkness, we must never relinquish hope. The light is ever-present, waiting to be discovered.


Dichotomy of light and darkness

Displacement, terror, darkness. The world seems dark right now and sometimes it’s hard to see the light. So much darkness, so much pain, Beyond the smiles, hurt, loneliness, desperation. It feels like darkness will obliterate the light. Somehow, we hold on to the light, even in the darkness. That ray of light, even though displaced, even in the darkness there is light if only we believe. And Hope.

Artist Bio:

JUNNY®️ is a multi-hyphenate artist who eloquently expresses herself through textiles, fiber, and writing. Her signature fabric and foam heads become powerful tools to explore themes of race, gender, and identity. JUNNY seamlessly incorporates repurposed textiles from her fashion design career into her work, alongside materials like cowrie shells and beading, adding depth and texture.

JUNNY's artistic journey extends beyond the visual, encompassing poems and other written works that complement her sculptures. This approach creates an immersive experience, inviting viewers to contemplate themes of race, community, culture, and identity alongside her exploration of various art forms and textile repurposing.

"Hope" is a powerful testament to the human spirit's resilience in the face of adversity. By combining sculpture with poetry, JUNNY crafts a poignant and thought-provoking piece that encourages us to hold onto hope, even when darkness seems overwhelming.

Copyright © JUNNY® 2023

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