The Collection pays homage to my Mother (AMJ). She raised us after my Papa passed away. My mother was a seamstress and coming from a Caribbean upbringing designing was not considered a profession. Her dream for her children was bigger. The collection came to me as I was lying on my living room floor. I envisioned my mother in the kitchen wearing her favorite night dress. She would never go outside without a robe over it. As I allowed my mind to wander, my love for Harlem and the Renaissance filled my thoughts. The visions of my mama’s night dress combined with my images of women dresses in the1920s. In the weeks after, I researched the Renaissance era and the pieces began to crystalize. I envisioned night dresses in sumptuous silk, delicious colors, with sexy flowing robes that could easily translate from the Corner Social in Harlem to the Opera. The Collection became an homage to my Mama and to all women, past and present, who embody that nurturing spirit.

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