'Versatility when it comes to style, image, and practicality all go hand in hand, and Designer Junny has absolutely no trouble capturing all of these.

Her designs are inspired by her mother and grandmother, her mother being a seamstress who captured designs right before her very eyes. Junny is one of 6 children, and the spirit of her creations are nods to her neighborhood of Harlem, NYC.  Growing up, all of Junny’s clothing was created by her mother, a single mom raising her, and all of her siblings. Junny talked about her mother making patterns out of newspaper, and how she started on the journey of creating just how he mother did at an early age. From the beginning she often had people stop her and ask who made her clothing. This was only the start of her journey. The pieces are full of bright colors and patterns, and anyone who wears them captures the bright spirit of Junny within their wardrobe.'

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